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The Investment Management Brand Imperative

Today, just about every investment management firm has a website, a pitch book and a LinkedIn page— likely all blue and peppered with navigational logos and images of professionals meeting in boardrooms. Many therefore, thought that they had built a brand and that this, combined with good, consistent performance was enough to get them noticed, win business and develop loyal clients. Once upon a time that may have worked, but not today.

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How a digital ecosystem affects firm reputation

Measuring your organization's digital reputation is crucial to discovering how your digital presence functions within an ecosystem of information and discovery — search engines and social media. Monitoring how your brand name, services, competitors, and industry key words are discussed in digital spaces is essential in developing a competitive edge. 

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Trust the process — implementing your vision 

When starting any project, we often take the time to develop a deliberate process to achieve a sustainable and competitive strategy. Before beginning any process, answer these questions to align your goals with your desired outcomes. 

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During times of crisis silence and going dark is not an option

For financial services firms communicating with investors, advisors, clients and partners during Covid-19 is an imperative. It is also an opportunity to bring a human touch to your communications.

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What Hedge Fund Investors Want to Hear from Their Managers

During Covid-19, investors don’t want fluff. They want absolute transparency and a show of humility. The current environment has brought an acceleration of the digital transformation that some hedge funds had slowly begun in recent years. 

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Optimizing a firm’s digital reputation to attract investors

The brand is the unique story we tell, it helps us generate demand, create impressions and announce to the world why we exist.

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet? Funds Hesitate on Social Media

Most hedge funds are sticking with an old-school approach to websites and social media,  despite industry fundraising headwinds, according to a new report.


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Optimizing a firm’s digital reputation to attract investors

Greenwich Economic Forum

November 5, 2019 


 Brand and reputation key drivers of manager selection

Troutman Sanders—Private Funds Forum

September 26, 2019

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Using social media to attract institutional investors 

New York Alternative Investment Roundtable

September 24, 2019

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